Welcome to Shea Homes' Design Studio for the Carolinas. Come on in, look around, and make yourself at home.

If you are a customer with a Contract Agreement with Shea Homes, please review the following Steps.

Step 1: Before you begin, make sure you have in front of you a copy of your contract agreement. Exhibits A, A-1, B and C should be reviewed before you start, and should also help answer some commonly asked questions. Please print out and review the Design Studio Checklist to further assist you in preparing for your appointment. All items listed will be covered during your two 4-hour appointments.

Step 2: Before reviewing your available options, familiarize yourself with our Selections Cut-Off Grid. We value, as we're sure you do too, the ability to personalize your home. However, as logic dictates, once your new home begins construction there will be certain items we cannot change if we have already reached the point in the build process "of no return". Your Designer will also review the Selections Cut-Off Grid with you upon your initial visit with us.

Step 3: While browsing, write down your thoughts, notes, questions, and selections. Save this information and then bring it with you to your Design Studio appointment. This will not only reduce the time spent making selections at the Design Studio, but it will also make for a much more enjoyable experience.

Please keep in mind that, although we’ve tried to accurately pull from other sources all of our options and option pricing, some options may have been left off for one reason or another. Your Design Studio Selections Coordinator will double check all pricing and availability for you during your appointment. We apologize for any discrepancies but we must go with the current pricing on hand when you come in for your Design Studio appointment.

This website is intended for information purposes only, and is not a resource we can use to write contracts, agreements, or change orders.

We look forward to seeing you very soon!

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